Shakthi Tech recognizes the pivotal nature of our employees; our employees are our strength.

Shakthi Tech currently has 4 full-fledged Manufacturing Units and is continually expanding. Our success very much depends on our employees and the quality and talent of the people we hire; Shakthi Tech’s mission stresses upon employee satisfaction and not just customer satisfaction. As such, Shakthi Tech is proving to be one of the most positive and productive work environments for the people of our community. We pride ourselves with attractive compensation packages that are above market norms and we believe this is necessary in order to foster a healthy work environment and achieve overall company productivity and standards.

As a company, we are grounded in values and a sound work ethic and this is what we look for when we hire potential employees. Our employees must reflect the company’s vision and in turn our employees’ growth will be a reflection of our own.

In a fast changing industry, we must constantly update our technical and professional prowess and we do so through various training sessions for our employees, held on a regular basis. Shakthi Tech is an all-round environment that promotes personal growth in the same way we strive for company growth. We enjoy meeting potential employees from various walks of life that can contribute to our organization and we hope to contribute to your personal career as well.

Please forward any questions or resumes to and we look forward to working with you.

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